How does Custom App Development Work?

  • We start off by having an initial meeting where we talk through your idea and lay down all of the necessary pieces in a Priority List.
  • Once we have the Priority List, we start to work through the different elements of the project one complete step at a time. What this means is that as we get through the different items on the list, more functionality will be added to your product.
  • We keep this Priority List active and up-to-date based on your priorities, your budget, and changes you receive from customer feedback, etc.That means that no matter where we are in the project, you are in control of how the final product comes out!
  • When you develop your app with us, we brand the final product with your personal developer account.(If you’re not 100% sure how to set one of those up, we help you with that too!)If you’re looking for someone to work with you more like a partner and less like a client then we look forward to talking to you!

Public Apps


Powerful Voices

Engagement is key and PV realizes people are in different spaces in their ability to do so. You should always have access to your lawmakers. Use the app to connect to their email, phone and social sites to learn more about what they are doing in the community and to support them in their work for you. We believe everyone should exercise their Power to engage and connect. Have that Power conveniently on your mobile phone for quick access. 


ACCESS Global Learning Questioner App

The ACCESS Global Learning Preference App is designed to help users identify their preferred learning style. The user answers a series of questions and the App provides a learning preference category after the questionnaire is completed based on the users responses. The ACCESS Global Learning Preference App is for any one looking to gain a competitive, academic advantage.


The Connection Hub

Here you will find a listing of providers of goods and services vetted by BizHub to provide the best experience possible.

Internal Use Apps



AWARESTREAM is software that empowers health awareness that is personal and meaningful for your business. When you use AWARESTREAM to manage your next health screening event you will:

• Empower your clients to be more involved in the event process.

• Reduce unproductive administrative work to help focus your team on the client.

• Improve data security by protecting against data breaches.

• Enjoy accurate data and reduce wasteful data entry errors.

• Track participation and flow rate using real time event data.

• Take control! Manage data effectively with multiple partners in the awareness process.


CSM Tile App

The app is a digital version of internal documents for the company. 

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